Symas OpenLDAP Knowledge Base

Creating/Modifying SFTP/SCP Users on CRWTH

Anytime customers need to copy information to the CRWTH server for analysis, review,

modification, this is how you grant them access.

Step-by-step guide

Create SFTP Credentials

  1. From Terminal: ssh
  • Enter your password
  1. Run pwgen to produce random password
  2. Create user
    sudo adduser –home /home/customer/rutgers –shell /usr/bin/scponly
  • Paste random password into adduser set password prompt (save a copy for notification email)
  • Enter Upload Account for Full Name
  • Leave other options blank  
  • Y to save
  1. Add user to sftponly group sudo adduser pwc sftponly
  2. Set home directory perms/owner cd /home/customer/ sudo chmod 755 sudo chown root:root cd /home/customer/ mkdir SaveHere chown -R : SaveHere/ chmod -R 777 SaveHere/

Then, deliver the credentials to the customer and let them know the host to SFTP the files to is Most of them can get by with that much info, but you may need to tell them how to “sftp” things over the command line or recommend a gui (WinSCP, FileZilla, Cyberduck).


Hello XYZ,

Here are SFTP/SCP credentials for uploading the relevant data to Symas. Please save files in the SaveHere diretory. Should you wish, we are prepared to provide more in-depth instructions for the use of SFTP/SCP to upload files as well at your request.

Host: Directory: SaveHere/ User: airbnb Pass: cied3Tud

Warmest regards,

Reset/Create Customer Password

  1. From Terminal: ssh           Enter your password
  2. Run pwgen to produce random password   
  3. sudo passwd (username)
  • Enter sudo password
  • Enter new UNIX password: (paste from other window - save a copy for notification email)
  • Retype new UNIX password:
  • passwd: password updated successfully