Symas OpenLDAP Knowledge Base

How to Configure Two Databases Using the Same Port

In slapd.conf, you’ll use an mdb database with an empty suffix after the cn=accesslog:

database mdb
suffix "cn=accesslog"
directory /var/symas/openldap-data/accesslog


database mdb
suffix ""
directory /var/symas/openldap-data/ldapdata

The empty suffix allows you to load both suffixes under the empty suffix so the tree will look like this:


To load the database, the slapadd command will use -b “” as the base:

slapadd -f <slapd.conf> -b "" -l <file.ldif>

Dumping the database is similar; use -b “” for dumping both suffixes. If you want to dump only one suffix, use -b “