Symas OpenLDAP Knowledge Base

IPTables Firewall

IPTables Service

    sudo service iptables status 
      (can use status, start, stop, restart, save) 

Reset IPTables

    sudo iptables --flush 

Only temporarily clears iptables settings Will be restored when service is restarted

    sudo iptables --flush 
    sudo service iptables save 
    sudo iptables-save 

Makes empty iptables settings permanent

Open a port

    sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/iptables 

Add the following before any REJECT lines

    -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport <port number> -j ACCEPT 

Save the changes

    sudo service iptables save 

Check for “LISTENING” status

    netstat -a | grep <port number> 
    netstat -a | grep 389 
    netstat -a | grep <group> 
    netstat -a | grep ldap 

Install IPTables-Service

    yum install iptables-services -y 

Stop Firewall

    systemctl stop firewalld 
    systemctl mask firewalld  

mask hides the service unmask makes the service visible

Disable Firewall

    systemctl disable iptables.service 
    systemctl status iptables.service