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Allow multiple processes/sources/panes in a single terminal window

  • Install: See OS specific instructions

  • View 2 files in one window: multitail /directory/subdirectory/filename /directory/subdirectory/second_filename Press b to select file viewing (think Alt+Tab) Press gg to scroll to the top Press G to scroll to the bottom Press q to exit Press m to set number of lines to view

  • View 2 files in two columns: multitail -s 2 /directory/subdirectory/filename /directory/subdirectory/second_filename Change “2” to however many columns desired and add additional path/filename for each column

  • Merge view multiple files in multiple columns: multitail -s 2 -sn 1,3 /directory/subdirectory/1st_file -I /directory/subdirectory/2nd_file /directory/subdirectory/3rd_file /directory/subdirectory/4th_file “2” indicates how many columns are displayed “1,3” indicates how files are to be distributed between the two columns - 1 on the left, 3 on the right

  • View files and execute command in one window: multitail /directory/subdirectory/filename -l “<desired command, i.e. ping server>”

  • Merge/View to files in different color: multitail -ci green/directory/subdirectory/filename -ci yellow -I /directory/subdirectory/second_filename