Symas OpenLDAP Knowledge Base

Quick Start - More On Installing

For users of Symas’s older OpenLDAP 2.4 “Symas OpenLDAP Gold” packages, the strategy for installing and maintaining OpenLDAP 2.5+ is different. And simpler. Instead of going to the Symas Download Portal and downloading a package, now you register Symas’s Public Repository with your package manager (yum, dnf, dpkg, apt, etc.). Then you install it exactly like any other package in your server stack. And update it when you update the rest of the server’s stack.

There are some minor considerations which are documented on the Symas repository. But OpenLDAP 2.5+ is completely binary (on-“disk”, in-memory, over the wire) so upgrading is just as easy to 2.5+ as to 2.4.x.