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Using slapdn


slapdn Man Page

Online Use: ✅

Syntax: slapdn <conf> [-N] [-P] [-v]

  • The slapdn command checks the conformance of a DN
Option Description
-f <slapd.conf> | -F <slapd.d> The configuration file or directory to use
-P Returns a prettified DN
-N Returns a normailized DN
-v Return both a prettified and normalized DN


  • Check the conformance of a DN

    slapdn -F slapd.d -v "ou=accounting,dc=example,dc=com"
      DN: <ou=accounting,dc=example,dc=com> check succeeded
      normalized: <ou=accounting,dc=example,dc=com>
      pretty:     <ou=accounting,dc=example,dc=com>