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Using slapindex


slapindex Man Page

Online Use: ✅

Syntax: slapindex <config> -b <suffix> [-q] [attributes]

  • The slapindex command is used to create attribute indexes on existing attribute values in a backend database after an attribute index is declared in the slapd.configuration
Option Description
-f slapd.conf | -F slapd.d The configuration file or directory to use
-b <suffix> The suffix of the database to perform the indexing on
-q Quick mode; performs fewer integrity checks but errors may cause database consistency issues
-t Truncate mode. Truncates an index database before indexing any entries (LMDB backends only)


  • Index an entire database:

    slapindex -f slapd.conf -q -b dc=example,dc=com

  • Index the givenName attribute only:

    slapindex -F slapd.d -q -b dc=example,dc=com givenName