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slapschema Man Page

Online Use: ✅

Syntax: slapschema <conf> -b <suffix> [-l <error-file>] [-H <URI>]

  • The slapchema command checks the compliance of of the contents of a database with the currently configured schema for the database
Option Description
-f <slapd.conf> | -F <slapd.d> The configuration file or directory of the database
-b <suffix> | -n <number> The suffix or number of the database to check values
-l <error-file> A file to write errors to, instead of printing to STDOUT
-H <URI> An LDAP search URI to refine the entries/values to check


  • Check the schema compliance of the contents of the dc=example,dc=com suffix

    slapschema <conf> -b dc=example,dc=com -l schema-errors.txt

  • Check the schema compliance of only organizationalUnit entries in dc=example,dc=com

    slapschema -F slapd.d -H "ldap:///dc=example,dc=com??one?(objectClass=organizationalUnit)"